Did you know that we are exposed to 82,000 different toxins, chemically-based products and processed foods in our environment weekly? When toxins enter the body through the skin, nasal passage or mouth, the body prevents pollution by surrounding the toxins with fat and water and stores them in different areas of the body.  This can put a strain on our body’s own detox system (the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood and lymphatic systems). These systems can become burdened as they try to safely excrete toxins. Our bodies were not meant to work this hard to maintain optimal functioning. 


By adding a detox program to your wellness regimen, you can help pull these toxins, along with the excess fat and water, out of the body and improve your health quickly.  NaturalNews.com

Le Spa Fit offers our members physical and emotional nourishment. Specializing in holistic, complimentary and alternative care through detoxification, nutrition, fitness & coaching for a healthy lifestyle change. Le Spa Fit helps you to achieve and maintain over all health, beauty & balance. 

Overview of services

Total Body Work Treatments:


  • Cosmetic Laser-Spot fat reduction, spider vein reduction, nail fungus removal, acne clearing, skin tightening etc.
  • Condition Management Therapy- Lymphatic stimulation & peak physiological performance
  • Holistic Approach- Whole body health, nutrition, detoxification, weight loss & fitness
  • Safety & Education- Family Self defence & wellness workshops
  • Time Management Approach- Specialized treatments & services for total body work
  • Activities- Community support & body contour boot camps encompassing positive reinforcement, motivation & self respect


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Our Team

of licensed professionals are passionate about providing the tools, education and support for optimal wellbeing.


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