Aerial Yoga

Let your mind and body float away!

Le Spa Fit is excited to introduce aerial yoga to our studio.  Aerial yoga, or "anti-gravity yoga" is a new type of yoga which combines traditional Yoga poses, Pilates and Dance with the use of a silk fabric hammock. One of the benefits of aerial yoga is having the silk fabric to support the body in ways that allow you to experience a deeper stretch and poses that you may not be able to otherwise.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

  • Helps develop upper body strength

  • Reinforce proper body alignment

  • Improve balance and stability

  • Develop a stronger core

  • Stretch deeper because the fabric supports part of your body weight

  • Increase spatial intelligence by exposing yourself to new perspectives

  • Experience the stress release with freedom of movement in the silks

  • Empowerment of being able to lift your body into new poses