Pole Fitness

All classes = no competition, no pressure, just a supportive, encouraging environment where you can progress as your own time and abilities allow.

Yoga at the Pole

Pole Yoga is an exercise format that uses the pole as a tool to assist in stretching, stability and alignment in yoga poses. Class format includes yoga style flow sequences and pose practice on the mat, with yoga props and with the pole. We take time to explore how to use our energy, gravity and strength in a mindful way.

Barre at the Pole

Pole Barre brings traditional barre moves to the pole. Use the pole for stability, as a prop to enhance stretches and a tool to increase balance and mobility. Emphasis on lower body and core conditioning, with upper body stabilization and cardio. Pole Barre is an empowering and energizing workout for all levels.

Beginner Pole Fitness

Fall in love with your own self! Build your practice from the ground up. Learn how to protect your body through use of safe form, alignment and body awareness. You will improve muscle tone, flexibility, coordination and CONFIDENCE. We cover a variety of walks, turns, pole sits, holds from the floor and basic spins, customized to YOUR current ability/experience.

Pole Conditioning

Pole Conditioning combines fitness exercises like planks, crunches, squats and push-ups, with extended pole holds and interval training, to help you level up your strength and cardio game. Class includes exercise variations and modifications for all levels of ability.