Why publishers are not prioritizing Instagram Reels?

Instagram has introduced a new way to record 15-second video clips set to music as well as edited with special effects. Don’t know about this feature? It is Instagram Reels! Now you must be thinking that Instagram reels is like TikTok. Isn’t it? It is right. Now everyone is comparing Instagram reels with TikTok. Instagram reels is not a separate platform – it is a feature embedded in the Explore section of Instagram. Instagram reels was first introduced in Brazil back in the year 2019. Up till now, it has been launched in more than 50 countries such as UK, US, Australia, Japan, Canada, etc. for more than a week. But in spite of its availability in other countries, most publishers are still restrained and diffident in making the full use of Instagram reels.

Now you must be thinking why publishers are not prioritizing Instagram reels. To get an answer to this, you have to read this post till the end as this post says it all!

Publishers who have used this new feature have repurposed the content for reels instead of creating original content. This repurposed content is the content that the publishers have used in other social networking platforms including Snapchat, YouTube as well as TikTok and now they have posted to reels. The more interesting fact is most of this repurposed content (previously used in TikTok) is still embellished with the TikTok logo!

Although Instagram reels has been launched in more markets this week, still it carries no advertising. Up till now, Instagram reels has little to offer for the advertisers. In fact, this latest feature of Instagram is working to build a community first. At present, there are no ad formats or any branded content tags. Moreover, influencers as well as publishers cannot even pay to increase the reach of their videos or to display them in the “Featured” section. Not only this, but business accounts also do not have access to music as per the license restrictions. According to the chief executive officer of Pink News, Benjamin Cohen, there is no income on it. He further shared his views about Instagram reels. He says that as Instagram reels allow a person to record 15-second video whereas on TikTok the time duration is of one minute. As reels are only 15-second clips (time duration is less), it gives less opportunity to publishers to reuse the content.

On the other hand, The Dodo, an American media brand, has been whitelisted by Instagram. Why? Because The Dodo succeeded to get early access to this brand new feature of Instagram before its actual launch. Moreover, 9 reels were posted by The Dodo which got an average of 2.7 million views (when someone watches a video clip for three seconds or more) on each video. The Dodo’s senior director added to the conversation that the whole team is really excited as each video clip on reels has got more than one million views. All these videos have been published previously on Facebook or Instagram IGTV with some more edits, stickers or text. Now, The Dodo is communicating with various influencers and content partners to create original reel videos for it.

Not only this, but there are also other publishers as well who have posted videos on Instagram reels and have gained many views on each video. Up till now:

  • Tyla, a lifestyle and women entertainment brand, posted 8 videos with an average of 9 lac views on each video.
  • LADbible, a popular social network, posted 15 reel videos with an average of 2.5 million views on each video.

There are still many publishers who have not even posted one reel video on their Instagram. These include Bon Appetit, The Washington Post, iHeartRadio, Vice, and much more. However, the most popular content proven on Instagram reels related to fashion, food, health, humor, and beauty. According to Instagram partnerships manager Elisa Benson, she is working with many publishers who are working hard to create branded content for Instagram reels.

At present, with the launch of Instagram reels, Instagram is working to take the market share away from the competitor (TikTok). This new feature of Instagram is creating a wide array of opportunities. If you are a business owner and you want to increase the reach of reels, you must buy Instagram reels views and buy Instagram reels likes. Despite the biggest opportunities Instagram reels is creating, the whole process will take time as Instagram cannot replicate TikTok’s features in one night!